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Armour Carriers

Covert Plate Carrier Mk1

Category: Armour Carriers

145,00 VAT included

Warriors MK1 Covert Plate Carrier C.P.C. MK1 is a low profile Slick Armour carrier designed to hold 10 x 12 plates and US style SAPI Plates. The CPC is fully adjustable on the shoulders for size. The  sides are made from double layer high quality Elastic, and incorporate 2 internal pouches on each side, which can hold mag pouches and or Radios. The sides are fully adjustable for girth by way of Velcro closure. The CPC MK1 includes Warriors TVMP Triple Velcro Mag Pouch for 5.56mm mags, which attaches to the front of the carrier by means of Velcro and is then secured shut by overlapping the Velcro elements of the side elastic side sections.

Made from Genuine U.S. Mil Spec materials.